chasing the healing power of nature




from forest and land, medicinal herbs, flowers, moss , trees  and mushrooms 




Ingredients derived from nature  for the benefits of your body made to balance and heal, fast absorbed 

Pure Ingredients

natural herbal recipe using herbal oils like olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, walnut oil, and vegetable butters like: cocoa butter, mango butter  and shea butter.  

Smooth touch 

all the products contains natural essential oils extracted from selected herbs and with good quality, giving a good home made smell and sensations on the skin 

Cruelty free

Natural herbal remedies intended for treatment for all kind of skin problems, internal and external use, with properties included in the product details  


my soaps, balms and tinctures are created with natural herbal soft recipe for treatment purposes, usually work for people with special sensitivity to industrial and commercial range products which have ingredients that causes allergies or irritations.

using my products you can feel an improvement in the quality of personal care and life, eliminates the allergic side effects.

Pure Essential Oils

essential oils I use to creat the products have a real mark quality and the natural scent of the plants from which they are extracted. especially I use essential oils like lavender, rosemary, pine, fir, eucalyptus, frankincense, sage, cajeput, lemongrass, cypress, peppermint, camomile, rose, cloves, anisee  . 


Spices I use are in a safe dose, with natural original aroma, calming purpose like clovers and cinnamon with powerful cleansing pores of the skin


I use infused oil with flowers in medicinal purpose , this are increasing the quality of balms and soaps , and the fragrance. the best herbal flowers I use is Linden, St John's wort, Goat's rue, Lavender, Rosemary,  Violets, Roses and Honeysuckle.

Herbs powdered

in some soaps I use powdered herbs for increasing healing power, in a safe dose, perfect for cleansing deep the skin pores. 

Oils & Butters

the oils especially used are: olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, walnut oil, castor oil, almond oil, softing recipe with butters like shea and cocoa .


has been used since ancient times in natural treatments with recognized effects, both in soft soaps and balms, calming and treating the skin problems, irritations and rough skin

HARVEST it to heal.

forest treasure 

what can find useful a herbalist in the forest and in nature is immeasurable, always appear new discoveries about the importance of returning to nature and its natural treasures. from mushrooms, to medicinal herbs, leaves and bark, tree fruits, roots and even lichens, tree moss. the best that I collect are the tree trunk mushrooms likeȘ birch polypore, ganoderma and turkey tail.  sometimes I have the chance to find pleurotus, lion beard, formitopsis betulina and hen of the woods . fungi have the ability to remineralize and nourish the body, anti fungi and anti internal and external infections, antimicrobials and immunostimulator. some are antioxidant and help in the fight with cancer . from pine and fir you can collect needles and green cones that have a good anti rheumatic and anti viral effect . oak acorns and bark help a lot in eliminating anti fungal problems and bad foot odor, also in cuts and wounds.

GROW it to heal.

herbalist garden

Herbalist  garden should include basic plants useful in herbal medicine as first aid, example for wounds and cuts should have at least one tincture for disinfecting the wound and a balm for calming and healing , tincture like trametes gibbosa, feverfew, turkey tail, yarrow, rosemary who are anti fungi and anti bacterian, and also yarrow, basil,  lemon balm and lavender for calming, anti eczema, irritations, cuts,and so on . if is possible in garden will be grate to have rotten tree trunk on which to grow turkey tail and ganoderma , birch logs for birch polypore, this can be use sometimes times for growing pleurotus too.

basic herbs for  tinctures,  balms ,  soaps  that grows in garden should be Rosemary , Basil, Wild Thyme, Lime thyme, Alfala, Red clover, Wild chicory , Feverfew, Chamomile, Marigold, Mint and peppermint, Anisee , Parsley, Dill, Sage, Lavender,  Fumitory, St John s wort , Yarrow, Sheperd s purse, Ladys mantle, Celadine, Sweet violets, Hyssop  and Mallow flowers wild . Fruits like Red currant, Black currant, Blueberries, Strawberries, Mulberry , Blackberry and Baspberry,  Elder and Walnut   tree .     



created with an effective traditional recipe, includes natural oils infused with medicinal plants, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, essential oils and in lyehave rice milk included. It helps to deep clean the pores and soften the skin, treats eczema and other skin problems, soothes irritations, mature and rough skin.

 2.5 $ - 100 gr herbal soap form OVAL, TREE OF LIFE, SQUARE, ROSE, HEART

  5 $  - 200 gr of rectangular or cubic soap


herbal balm made with a modern recipe combined with traditional, cream-balm, using olive oil infused with herbs or medicinal mushrooms, cocoa butter and beeswax, essential oils, some of them have shea butter included. Heals and protects irritated skin, hydrates and reducing scars, indicated for wounds, cuts, mature and rough skin, eczema, soothing dermatitis - psoriasis, soothing irritations and burns, some of herbs are anti-ageing by reducing wrinkles or preventing them.

     2.5 $      -  40-50 gr pot    


created with a traditional recipe, double extract, with carefully selected medicinal plants, fruits, flowers, infused in 40-50% strength alcohol for 2-4 weeks, then filtered and diluted with a decoction of the same type of fruits or medicinal plants, 1/4 recipe with fast absorption effect. Some are left in their original state, especially fruit ones, undiluted with decoction.

3.5 $  - in a bottle with a 30 ml dropper


Teas with mixed medicinal herbs or single type, carefully selected and dried, with a curative effect, delivered in modern bags of 50-100 gr, with self-sealing to preserve the aromas.

The vegetable capsules do not contain preservatives, they include only mixed medicinal medicinal herbs or single type of herb, powdered, carefully chosen and with a precise curative destination, such as for example thyme for purifying the liver, rosemary for purifying the stomach and anti aerophagia, clarity and balance the mind and for concentration, nettle and dandelion for detoxification and weight reduction, fennel for reducing appetite and for stimulating lactation in nursing mothers, cloves and fennel for calming, basil and dill for digestion and elimination of stomach and abdominal cramps, reishi ganoderma for immunity, anti-neurodegenerative, anti-cancer and anti-aging, turkey tail for the fight against cancer, for heart and brain health.

  4$ - vegetable capsules dose for a month

  2.5 $ - self-sealed envelope with plants, flowers, petals or mushrooms

                                      medicinal dried for tea or infusions for client choice

 "  The doctor cares, nature heals  "   Hippocrates



herbal natural products created with love and herbs, mushrooms carefully selected  available in tinctures, soaps, balms, infused wines, teas with herbs, flowers, fruits for treatment, dried herbs for bath and infusion, vegetal spray for external use .

HERBAL TINCTURE                  3.5 $  

HERBAL SOAP                          2.5 $  

HERBAL BALM                          2.5 $ 

HERBAL TEAS                           2.5 $ 

INFUSED WINE                         3.5 $  

THROAT SPRAY                        3.5 $  

HERBAL SPRAY EXT                 2.5 $ 

DRIED HERBS                           2.5 $ 

DRIED MUSHROOMS               3.5 $

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